Global Game-changer Under 30- Kyle Lukianuk!

Global Game-changer Under 30- Kyle Lukianuk!
02 Nov 2017 by Global Chamber

The Global Chamber® Dallas is pleased to announce our second annual Grow Globally Fair on November 16th, in Dallas, Texas. 

‘Global Game-changer Under 30' will be awarded to Kyle Lukianuk a man who is committed to changing the world. Kyle was nominated by last year's recipient of the Social Impact Leader of the Year award, Salah Boukadoum. Salah has worked with Kyle on several initiatives and when we asked him to nominate someone to be recognized he was quick to acknowledge Kyle's work and urged us to consider him.

Kyle is a social entrepreneur with a love for business and a passion for the power of millennials to address world-scale challenges. Kyle is a co-developer of the Good Returns model and current President of Good Returns Network, an organization that develops new ways for businesses to give back and maximize the impact of their financial resources. Kyle is certainly a huge Game Changer! He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and has called Dallas home for 10 years. Prior to joining Good Returns, Kyle worked in finance and risk management, most recently at KPMG, and served on the board for Chiapas International, a non-profit addressing global poverty. We are proud to have Kyle and other young innovators collaborating in Dallas and worldwide. They offer help without expecting a return (excuse the pun, Kyle!)

The Grow Globally Fair is an annual event hosted by Global Chamber and open for registration! It will be held from 3-5pm on November 16th at the Law Offices of Gardere in Uptown. Global Chamber currently has about 100 chapters world-wide that are either active and running, or have an Executive Director in training to launch their chapters. The vision is to expand into 525 metro areas by 2020. Global Chamber® is the only organization in the world with the mission to grow business from anywhere to anywhere while collaborating with every organization. We're a thriving and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and professionals in over 500 metrostaking on the world of global business.

The Fair culminates with the Global Awards ceremony. Please join us as we recognize Kyle and others. Last year's winners include:

“Global Leader in Social Impact" Salah Boukadoum, Founder of Good Returns model

"Global Elected Official of the Year" Mayor of Frisco, Maher Maso

“Global Educator of the Year” Dr. Simon Mak, Ph.D, SMU's Cox School of Business

“Global Startup Leader of the Year” Jason Croft, Jason Croft Video/Marketing

"Global Service Provider of the Year" Allal Alale, Small Business Administration

"Global Bankers for Exporters of the Year" BB&T Team

"Global Exporter of the Year"... Lynn James-MayerBioSafeTech 

“Global Attorney of the Year” Kevin Maher, Baker & McKenzie

We look forward to seeing you there -- cheers!