We have made a lot of progress in little time, here at the Global Chamber Dallas.  Even though we've only just launched in December, we have quickly connected with international business professionals all over the DFW area.  We are providing them with a home base to meet other like-minded (as in global expansion minded) individuals who are leading their organizations to connect the world through cross-border commerce and initiatives.

We have met innovators, startup founders, C-level executives, government officials, exporters and catalysts who have all supported our mission.  We believe that the world is a better place when countries are dependent on each other for business relationships.  We know that if we have those relationships, on a larger scale, we are more prone to peace and have stronger economies. On a micro scale, individuals thrive here and abroad with more opportunities for their families. 

We create this community through a world-wide membership, virtual communities where businesses can connect in Karachi or Kathmandu, and events where we can connect personally.  We currently have chapters in about 60 metro areas around the globe, and when our members connect to us, they are connected to our members world-wide, not just in their own chapters.  We are ahead of schedule of our plan to be in 525 metro areas in the next 3 years. See our current locations here.

Events are a great way for our international business network to meet each other and launch relationships.  Next week, on March 23rd, we will be hosting our highest profile speakers to date in Dallas!  We will listen and interact with these experts.  We are honored to be learning from the Consul General of Canada, Sara Wilshaw.  Ms. Wilshaw is a key catalyst in keeping the North American economy strong.  We are also very privileged to have Suzy Batiz, the CEO and Founder of Poo~Pourri, a $300 Million company.  She has lead her company to sell over 10 million bottles in over 9,000 stores.  What exporter or entrepreneur wouldn't want to learn from her?  We also have ages of wisdom to learn from Diane Divin, former Manager of Global Import/ Export Compliance at Mary Kay.

Did you notice these are all women?  Yes, these are "Women in Global Business" that we are taking time to learn from.  Please join us! We invite men and women.  Register here and see you next week!