• 28 Feb 2017

    Welcome Anita to Global Chamber Dallas!


    Anita Gordy-Watkins is the Associate Vice Chancellor of Global Economic Development at Dallas County Community College District. In this position, Anita provides strategic leadership for building strong international alliances to support the workforce initiatives with colleges and to support economic development initiatives of the District and its communities. Additionally, Anita focuses on increasing foreign direct investment strategies for Dallas County, as well as positioning the District as the leader in global business development for the Metroplex.

    Previously, Anita was executive vice president of Oklahoma State University’s Institute of Technology, holding many positions there throughout her 26-year career with the university. As former chair of the Oklahoma Governor’s International Team, she was actively involved in leadership of the state’s global efforts, mobilizing key partners and resources to position Oklahoma for growth in foreign direct investment, trade and state-wide internationalization initiatives.

    She frequently speaks on topics domestically and abroad related to international relations, workforce development, and building successful domestic and global partnerships. She has been responsible for establishing a successful Global Leadership and Development Academy that delivers professional development and international programming for domestic and international clients and partners around the world. She has traveled and worked extensively with various countries to include; China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, India, UAE, Jordan, Israel, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kenya, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, and throughout Europe.

    Anita is a graduate of Oklahoma State University.  When not at home in Ovilla, TX, Anita enjoys traveling the world with her husband and 3-year old daughter.

  • 06 Feb 2017 by Global Chamber

    Today Global Chamber® Dallas is proud to announce their collaboration with AIESEC Dallas. AIESEC Dallas has joined Global Chamber® Dallas with the purpose to provide the companies within the Dallas-Fort Worth region with the opportunity to outsource their recruitment and hire international interns. This will potentially lead to more successful global business trade and increase the success in businesses within the Dallas region.

    There are several reasons to collaborate with AIESEC Dallas it makes your international hiring process easier.  You acquire more diverse talent, companies can stay competitive, and boost their work culture. With AIESEC Dallas, cross-borders sourcing becomes as easy as recruiting talent in your local market. We customize our recruitment process to make it easy for you to hire global talent. AIESEC Dallas also brings interns from all around the world to ensure global input in your business operations. Infuse your business with fresh perspective from talented millennials around the world. Companies can stay dynamic by bringing in profiles aligned to what the market needs and demands; minimize the skill-gap. All around the world, our program attracts talent of diverse backgrounds: HR, marketing, engineering, software development, education, sales, and many others. Millennials are bound to dominate our global workforce. Adapt your business to new trends and become millennial-friendly. AIESEC has partners on the global, national, and local level and would like to provide this opportunity to more companies in the Dallas region.

    AIESEC is present in 126 countries, has over 70,000 active members worldwide, has over 1,000,000 alumni, and has fostered over 450,000 internships. AIESEC believes in the peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential and facilitates multicultural exchanges. AIESEC Dallas and Global Chamber® Dallas wants to help companies expand to different markets within their region and globally as well in order to change the world.

    The Global Chamber® engages executives and regional leaders in more successful cross-border trade and investment to accelerate global business growth, increase community success, and ultimately change the world. Currently Global Chamber has a chapter or a global advisor in 110 metro areas worldwide, with plans to expand into 525 metro areas and reach 100,000 members in the next three years. The Global Chamber launched its Dallas chapter in December, 2015.